More than a theodolite.

Ergonomic full numeric keypad with shortcut keys. No need to note down any combination key or hidden menu to set the instrument. All settings can be found and configured via shortcut keys or onboard software. 


300m distance range with prism, with 3mm+2ppm distance accuracy. No need for measuring tape or stadia measurement for distance. 

3 Core Programs

Angle Measure

Distance Measure & Stake Out

Axis Stake Out

Easy Settings

Distance Setting

PPM Setting

Quick Setting Menu

Power Setting

Compensator Setting


Application Case

During the advance works of construction, staking out the control points is crucial and essential. The accuracy of these control points directly affects the main structure, and therefore the whole process of the construction, such as the concrete deposit, earth fill or excavation. 

Axis staking out on Disteo 23 is an unique program that helps to stake out these control points in an easier way. After inputting the offset value from these control points to the known building axis, the program will calculate and indicate you to find the points in field. 

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