What accessories are included in a GNSS (R6 series, R90i series)?

1 no. receiver 2 no. Li-on batteries 1 no. charger and adaptor 1 no. UHF antenna 1 no. 7-pin LEMO to USB cable (only for rover kit) 1 no. 5-pin LEMO to RS232 cable (only for rover kit) 1 no. OTG 1 no. carbon fiber pole (only for rover kit) 1 no. plastic carrying case 1 no. 30cm mounting pole 1 no. connetor (jointer between receiver and pole/tribrach) 1 no. measuring tape 1 no. measuring plate for height of receiver 1 np. Powerod and charger (only for R6p base kit)

What accessories are included in an Ntrip GNSS receiver (Meteor S680N)?

1 no. receiver 1 no. charger 1 no. 7-pin LEMO to USB cable 1 no. braket 1 no. plastic carrying case

How to register my receiver?

In some cases, your RUIDE receiver is not registered and it requires you to activate with an registration code. 1. Ask your seller for the registration code according to the serial number of your receiver. 2. Use your mobile phone or laptop to connect the WiFi hostpot of your receiver. 3. Open the browser on your mobile phone or laptop and go to Web Server, and log in. 4. Input the registration code and submit it in the the page of Configuration.

Which field software can be used with my receiver?

On Windows Mobile controllers: Microsurvey FieldGenius Carlson SurvCE RUIDE EGstar On Android controllers: RUIDE SurvX Microsurvey FieldGenius for Android

How to log in RUIDE Web Server?

1. Use your mobile phone and laptop to connect to the WiFi hotspot of your receiver. 2. Open the browser, input the following URL:
3. Input the user name "admin" and password "admin" to log in.

Which models are compatible with Powerod?

PULSAR R6p METEOR S680N (with adaptor)

Where to download relevant software and manuals?

Since 2018, physical software CD-ROM and user manual are no longer provided with product. Please go to www.ruide.xyz/software, sign in, and feel free to download any relevant software and manual package according to the model(s) you are using. All manuals in PDF are available here: www.ruide.xyz/download-manual.