FAQ - Total Station

What accessories are included in a total station?

1 no. total station 2 no. rechargable batteries 1 no. carrying case 1 no. shoulder belt 1 no. charger and adapter 1 no. screw driver 1 no. adjusting pin 1 no. cleaning cloth for lens 1 no. rain cover 1 no. English user manual (only in RQS)

Why does my total station require to input registration code?

There're 2 reasons: 1. Your seller has not activate it due to your payment issue. 2. Your seller is not an official distributor.

How can I get the registration code?

Request from your seller.

How to change the language for my total station?

Generally speaking, RUIDE total station is not able to shift languages. You can ask your seller for assistance if necessary, which might be charged for a service fee.

Why my total station measures shortan than stated in specification?

Distance measurement by total station, especially in prismless mode, is significantly determined by various factors, such as reflectivity of target, air temperature and humidity, light condition, atmospheric particles, electric field, incidence angle, etc.

Where to download relevant software and manuals?

Since 2018, physical software CD-ROM and user manual are no longer provided with product. Please go to www.ruide.xyz/software, sign in, and feel free to download any relevant software and manual package according to the model(s) you are using. All manuals in PDF are available here: www.ruide.xyz/download-manual.