The New


115mm width

540g weight








L Band

H: 10mm+1ppm

V: 20mm+1ppm

RTK accuracy

How it work?

Without an internal UHF and GSM module, how does The New Meteor work?


After connecting with controller or Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, the internal antenna receivers GPS + GLONASS + BEIDOU signals, and transmits to the mainboard. At the same time, the controller or Android device acquires differential correction signals from reference station via the Internet of telecome or WiFi, then transmits to the mainboard, which will figure out the precise coordinates based on data of satellites and differential signals. 

Application Scene

The New Meteor is capable to work perfectly as a VRS RTK rover mounted on a range pole, which is ideal for construction, cadastral and land survey.

When mounted on a specific bracket, The New Meteor can work with a tablet by carrying on hands, achieving a more convenient operation on a larger monitor of a tablet. 

By putting it on a backpack, surveyor can free his hands from pole and focuses on controller, moving around easiy for varios kinds of terrains. Ideal for land investigation, electric pipeline survey, etc.

The New Meteor can be fixed on top of vehicle to record moving track. Ideal for patrolling, monitoring, scheduling management. 

Easy monitoring and setting via computer or phone.

WiFi Hotspot

Web Server

The New Meteor is equipped with a WiFi module, which enables our computers and smartphones to connect to the receiver via hotspot. That means a lot, because we can log on RUIDE Web Server to monitor the working status and configure almost all settings of the receiver, anytime, anywhere, wirelessly. 

Compatible Field Software

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