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Uncomparable Performance

Powered by Pacific Crest BD990 OEM board, with latest Maxwell 7 technology.



L1, L2, L5

L1, L2, L3

B1, B2, B3

E1, E5A, E5B, E6

L1, L5






L Band




processing speed




power consume

Global Rover Correction

Using the L-band communication satellites and Internet, one rover of PULSAR R6p delivers a horizontal accuracy up to 2cm even in any isolated places in the world, without a base receiver or reference station. *

*This service is provided by a 3rd-party supplier. 

Tilt n' Fixed

Shake it!

The new generation of tilt sensor is so easy to calibrate. Just tilt it, and shake a circle. Done! 


tilt n' fixed

This smart sensor will set you free from maintaining the pole strictly vertical. Within up to 30° tilt, the field software will correct the reuslt to the actual coordinates automatically without any additional operation.

3W internal Rx/Tx UHF, more possibilities.

Extends the working distance between 2 receivers up to 8km.

Radio Router

When R6p links to a reference station with only one user ID, it gets differential corrections through the cellular network, then transmits the corrections to other rovers through internal UHF as a router.

Radio Repeater

When R6p links to a base station, it gets differential corrections through internal UHF, then transmits the corrections to other rovers through internal UHF as a repeater.


Power Scheme

The new power supply system of R6p allows 2 batteries loaded with hot-swapping feature which ensures a non-stop operation.

Powerod is a smart short stick with Li-on battery cells inside, which is able to connect with R6p and the pole, and extends the working time up to 100%.

PowerHub is a specifc power bank containing 4 batteries, which is able to hung on a tripod as an external power when R6p is working as a base station for a continuous operation. 

Worry about recharging so many batteries? QuadCharger provides you an ideal solution. You can recharge 4 batteries at one time which will be more than sufficient for one day's use for 2 receiver. 

Easy monitoring and setting via computer or phone.

WiFi Hotspot

Web Server

NOVA R6p is equipped with a WiFi module, which enables our computers and smartphones to connect to the receiver via hotspot. That means a lot, because we can log on RUIDE Web Server to monitor the working status and configure almost all settings of the receiver, anytime, anywhere, wirelessly. 

Compatible Field Software

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