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Uncomparable Performance

Powered by Pacific Crest BD990 OEM board, with latest Maxwell 7 technology.



L1, L2, L5

L1, L2, L3

B1, B2, B3

E1, E5A, E5B, E6

L1, L5






L Band




processing speed




power consume

Global Rover Correction

Using the L-band communication satellites and Internet, one rover of PULSAR R6p delivers a horizontal accuracy up to 2cm even in any isolated places in the world, without a base receiver or reference station. *

*This service is provided by a 3rd-party supplier. 

When RTK or VRS signal sources are interrupted because of signal disruption or temporary disconnection with radio, R6p can still be backed up by seamless and accurate positioning via satellite, which enables our receiver to continue quality performance and accuracy. 

Measure more dynamically.

By measuring and reporting our receiver's specific force, angular rate, and sometimes orientation via a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometer, Rimu Technology enables surveyor to measure dynamically with an estimated position and head if the receiver loses satellite connection or under a poor condition of satellite signals (e.g. near tunnels, buildings, etc.). 

Rimu provides reliable and accurate tilt compensation for RTK, and users can measure without alignment. Surveyor no longer needs to level the receiver before getting fixed. 

Easy Initializtion

5-8 seconds shaking left-right to get initialization.


<3cm within 30° tilt

<5cm within 60° tilt

Fast Re-activation

By moving 1-2 seconds, we can re-activate it on the next point.

Immune to Magnetic

Not affected by magnetic field nearby, such as powerline. 

3W internal Rx/Tx UHF, more possibilities.

Extends the working distance between 2 receivers up to 8km.

Radio Router

When R6p links to a reference station with only one user ID, it gets differential corrections through the cellular network, then transmits the corrections to other rovers through internal UHF as a router.

Radio Repeater

When R6p links to a base station, it gets differential corrections through internal UHF, then transmits the corrections to other rovers through internal UHF as a repeater.


Power Scheme

The new power supply system of R6p allows 2 batteries loaded with hot-swapping feature which ensures a non-stop operation.

Powerod is a smart short stick with Li-on battery cells inside, which is able to connect with R6p and the pole, and extends the working time up to 100%.

PowerHub is a specifc power bank containing 4 batteries, which is able to hung on a tripod as an external power when R6p is working as a base station for a continuous operation. 

Worry about recharging so many batteries? QuadCharger provides you an ideal solution. You can recharge 4 batteries at one time which will be more than sufficient for one day's use for 2 receiver. 

Easy monitoring and setting via computer or phone.

WiFi Hotspot

Web Server

NOVA R6p is equipped with a WiFi module, which enables our computers and smartphones to connect to the receiver via hotspot. That means a lot, because we can log on RUIDE Web Server to monitor the working status and configure almost all settings of the receiver, anytime, anywhere, wirelessly. 

Compatible Field Software

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