Uncomparable performance.

Data Sheet

The State-of-the-art Mechanics

1000m | 5000m

non-prism | prism mode

2mm + 2ppm

accuracy (prism mode)

measuring speed



angle accuracy

compensation range


Both vertical and horizontal shafts of RCS are embedded with more than 100 dense balls, which makes RCS rotates extraordinary smoothly and stable so as to deliver a higher angle accuracy. It also essentially reduces the chances of jamming if the total station encounters violent shock or vibration.

For physical compensation, the dual axis compensator with an ultra-sensitive CMOS detects any tiny movements of the electronic bubble, displays with 1" resolution, and correspondingly compensates on both horizontal and vertical directions. 

For digital compensation, a unque algorithm is adopted to eliminate horizontal collimation error and vertical index erro, which are caused by perpendicularities between trunnion and vertical shaft, as well as between sighting axis and trunnion shaft. 

Everything for efficiency.

A sophisticated device integrated with laser plummet, automatically acquiring the instrument height when setting a station. Essentially eliminates the human errors by traditional way to measure the instrument height with measuring tape.

Guide Light is an LED indicator on the EDM. By flashing in red and yellow in turn, the pole man is easy to move close to the horizontal angle of the stake out point until he can recognize both colors showing the similar intensity. 

Without looking at the screen and finding the right key on the keyboard, Lightning Measure allows you to trigger a fast distance measurement in the next second after you aim at the target, avoiding a possible shake on horizontal direction which might hapopen if you press on the keyboard.

Bluetooth connection with a third party field software on external controller is now available. You can also export the data to your phone or PC via Bluetooth.

Not available on RCS Lite.

An auto sensor of temperature and air pressure. It detects the surrounding temperature and air pressure then calculate the PPM value and correct the disctance measuring result in real time. 

Efficiency is primarily counted when we redesign the program for RCS. Instead of going through 3 or 4 steps by pressing several keys and selecting several options, almost each number keys is like a wormwhole allowing you to jump to most of specific functions, settings, and programs in one step. 

In any menu or program, you can press this key to pop out some settings such as E bubble, laser pointer, power management, quick code, sound, etc. 


Quick Settings

You can find 6 number keys bringing you to 6 programs or functions, which refer to setting a station, stake out, offset, programs, COGO, and coordinates data. In this way, you no longer need to go to the general menu to find the right entries, and you operation efficiency will be essentially boosted. 


Frequent Measure

Hot Key

Most surveyors frequenty shift prism and non-prism mode in different circumstances, which costs time. RCS provides 2 measuring keys to simplify this operation. You can customize each measure key with different measure mode and parameters with your preferences.

Hot Key provides quick access to 4 settings which are mostly used during your job, such as setting a target height, atmospheric correction, target list and making a quick memo. 

You can also customize 2 number keys to trigger a shortcut to some common settings or programs such as backsight check, COGO, and even a specific survey program like remote height.


Instrument Height


Column Offset

Repeated Angle

Road Design

Remote Height

Missing Line

Vertical Section 

& Transcect

Transect Stake Out


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